Our Leadership Team

Schmidt_Consultants-5691_MadiaPhoto_82x115Kevin Srigley

In May of 2014, Kevin assumed ownership of Schmidt Market Research. As president of the firm, Kevin provides oversight and direction for the firm’s strategy, operations and business development efforts.

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Schmidt_Consultants-5694_MadiaPhoto_82x115Michael Everhart, PRC
Vice President

Since 1991, Michael Everhart has directed custom research projects for Schmidt clients in a variety of industries including financial services, manufacturing, and technology.

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Schmidt_Consultants-5734_MadiaPhoto_82x115Marty Federowicz, PRC
Vice President

(Ms.) Marty Federowicz joined Schmidt in 1998 and has directed customer research projects for clients in a variety of industries including financial services, electric and gas utilities, technology companies and trade associations.

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Schmidt_Consultants-5723_MadiaPhoto_82x115Kevin Mahler, PRC
Research Director

Kevin joined Schmidt in 2007 and manages custom research projects for financial services firms, technology companies, trade associations, and consumer/retail businesses.

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Schmidt_Consultants-5743_MadiaPhoto_82x115Imre Varga, PRC
Research Director

Imre’s expertise is in online quantitative research, specifically focused on advertising, branding, concept testing and online community management.

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Schmidt_Consultants-5753_MadiaPhoto_82x115Danette Palmer
Research Director

Danette has managed research projects in a variety of industries, including financial services, electric and gas utilities, consumer/retail, and non-profit.

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Schmidt_Consultants-6495MadiaPhoto_82x115Gina Garofalo
Qualitative Research and
Marketing Director

Since 2003, Gina has managed Schmidt’s qualitative research projects. She also directs the firm’s marketing efforts.

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Schmidt_Consultants-5712_MadiaPhoto_82x115Ruth Hochendoner
Manager of Analytics

Ruth Hochendoner has been a senior analyst and statistician at Schmidt since 2000.

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Schmidt_Consultants-5654_MadiaPhoto_82x115pxAl Schmidt

As founder of Schmidt Market Research in 1986, Al has been instrumental in leading the company to provide high-quality market research with a client-centric focus.

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Becky-82x115Rebecca DeFazio, PRC
Research Manager

Since joining Schmidt in 2008, Rebecca has held several positions across the organization.

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