Imre Varga, PRC, Research Director

Schmidt_Consultants-5743_MadiaPhotoImre’s expertise is in online quantitative research, specifically focused on advertising, branding, concept testing and online community management. His strengths are in forming strong partnerships with his clients and developing customized research methodologies. He has been a Research Director at Schmidt since moving to Pittsburgh in 2008.

Prior to joining Schmidt, he lived in Budapest, Hungary, for three years and was a Managing Partner and the Director of Analytics for Evolution Research, a research firm that focused primarily on advertising and concept and package testing for the interactive entertainment industry. He also held positions at HCD Research as an Account Executive and the Director of European market research.

Imre has over 10 years of experience in market research and has a B.A. in economics and an MBA in marketing, both from Rutgers University. He has held a Professional Researcher Certification from the Market Research Association since 2009 and is an active member of the Pittsburgh AMA.



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