Quantitative Market Research

Schmidt provides quantitative research services to meet the needs of any organization. We provide end-to-end customized services including research design, data collection, analysis and reporting.

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Schmidt particularly values the research design phase, taking the time to understand your unique business goals.  Using that information, we collaborate with you to choose the research methodology and analysis plan that will work best to achieve your goals. Once the methodology is chosen, the survey instrument is developed and refined to ensure the data collected will provide the specific and actionable insights needed to meet your study objectives.

Data Collection 

Schmidt offers online, telephone and recruit-to-web data collection methodologies, utilizing a wide variety of resources to reach the right people for your study. We also create and maintain Marketing Research Online Communities, which can provide you with a fast, flexible and scalable solution for ongoing research.

110917605data collection231X150Schmidt maintains an in-house interviewing team that is specially trained to support the unique needs of C-level and high-value respondents in any project where particular respondent groups require special care during the interview process. We also work with carefully selected telephone interviewing partners for larger projects or shorter fieldwork timelines.

Our surveys are designed – and data is inspected – with a focus on quality assurance. For online research, we optimize delivery for different platforms, carefully program and test our surveys, then use logic “traps” and other data cleaning techniques to weed out non-attentive respondents. Our telephone surveys are usually performed by our highly qualified in-house interviewing team, with careful editing by research analysts.


Our ability to deliver insightful research is based upon our ability to utilize many different approaches to data analysis.

We start with basic cross-tabulations of the data to develop an initial picture of the situation, but then dig deeper to develop answers to the “Why” and “So what” questions posed by the basic analysis. The analysis plan is always just a starting point on this journey, as we leverage a wide variety of techniques to get the most from the data.


Schmidt’s reports are designed to meet the needs of the researchers, as well as other key stakeholders within the organization. Our customized approach ensures that we can provide the right level of detail for each audience, and also provide critical insights in an efficient and convincing manner.

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