Who We Work For

Schmidt provides quality market research services to B2B and B2C markets around the world, and for companies of all sizes. Here are the market verticals we find ourselves working in most often:

Financial Services


We've built long relationships with some of the biggest names in banking by conquering the industry's steep learning curve. This expertise means we can run in when others run away. Tackling some of the industry's biggest challenges has turned us into a leading expert in the most complicated aspects of the field like commercial, corporate, specialty and high net worth banking. This means when you have a need, we get it.  We've been there, we've done it and, if we haven't, we know what to do to get it done.

Retail & Consumer Goods


Retail and consumer goods markets are two of the most challenging and unpredictable industries.  Making decisions in this dynamic, fickle environment can leave you spinning your wheels.  We help you gain traction with a 360° full service approach that helps you understand how and why people buy (or don't buy) products and how to keep them coming back. Our mission is to help you position yourself effectively and remain agile in evolving markets. This means getting to know your business intimately and partnering you with staff who've worked in your space and understand your business challenges first hand.

Power, Energy & Tech


Some of our earliest clients were in the tech and energy sectors. This early introduction helped us build a deep knowledge of situations, terminology and nuances that we still draw on. Today, we work closely with our B2B clients to stay current in complex areas, like nuclear energy, automation technology, industrial chemicals, process controls and semiconductors, among others. This expertise enables us to jump into a project and speak the language without a lot of ramp up. We combine that expertise with specially trained interviewers and analysts who use advanced methods to produce executable results in these highly technical areas.