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86525520SupportSalesEff200X330Market research can provide you with a better understanding of the effectiveness of your sales channels, strategies and marketing messages. Research can not only help sharpen sales and marketing messages, but can give you important insights into why customers choose you, and why sales are lost. It can also provide you with important insights into the effectiveness of your account managers.

  • How effective are my current promotional/sales messages?
  • Which¬†sales messages¬†are most persuasive?
  • Which channels are most effective?
  • Why do new customers choose us? Why do they choose competitors?
  • What are the most compelling factors for purchase decisions?
  • How effective is the sales process?
  • How effective are individual account managers as compared to their peers?

Examples of Schmidt research studies:

  • Consideration Set
  • Diminishment & Migration Analysis
  • Key Account Manager Effectiveness
  • Lost Business Bids
  • New Product/Service Assessment
  • Product Positioning
  • Product Upgrades & Enhancements
  • Sales Process Effectiveness
  • Win/Loss Analysis

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