With over 35 years experience executing market research for utilities, we are experts in the unique challenges leaders in the industry face. We stay informed on key industry trends and regulations that matter to your business.

Some of our earliest clients were in the utility, power and energy sectors. This early introduction helped us build a deep knowledge bank that we still draw from. Today, we work closely with our clients in complex areas, like nuclear energy, automation technology, industrial chemicals, process controls, and semiconductors.

We know that developing innovative energy solutions, driving operational efficiency, and focusing on customer experience are critical to your business. Complex regulations and evolving technology make finding sustainable business solutions difficult, which is why we deploy a wide variety of methodologies to provide our clients with actionable insights to better serve their organization, customers, and the community.

Products and Services

  • Product launch and adoption – assessing feasibility, interest, and likely demand
  • Gas and water line insurance services
  • Electric vehicles
  • Natural gas vehicles
  • Gas lighting
  • Heat pumps
  • Fuel cells
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Renewable energy generation

Marketing and Communications

  • Rate case perceptions
  • Marketing communications effectiveness
  • Website evaluation
  • UX for website and mobile app
  • Digital touchpoint intercept (i.e., post-interaction survey deployed on website and mobile app)
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Brand equity
  • Customer segmentation
  • Utility bill design

Customer Experience, Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty – residential and commercial
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Call center performance measurement
  • Major account customer experience
  • Solar panel installation experience
  • COVID business customer experience

Types of Research Executed

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Needs assessments
  • Market sizing

Target Audience

  • Nuclear power
  • Utilities (Publicly-owned, Investor-owned, Cooperatives)
  • Water treatment plants
  • Major industrial complexes (e.g., refineries, production facilities)
  • Needs assessment for new and replacement services (e.g., steam generators, engineering services, instrumentation and control systems, nuclear parts)

Research Examples

  • Forecasting the need for various services in the nuclear industry (e.g., steam generators, engineering services, nuclear fuel, integrated outage services, spare parts, instrumentation and control systems)
  • New installation of distributed control systems
  • Assessing the state of strategic relationship related to process systems and solutions
  • Estimating industry spend for key transmission and distribution products – circuit breakers and capacitors
  • Forecasting market spend for dry spent fuel storage systems
  • Sizing the market for turbine control systems