WealthMark™ | Wealth Management Benchmarking

High Quality Performance Benchmarking Data on Wealth Management Providers

The largest competitive assessment for wealth management firms looking to elevate their business and gain a competitive advantage among their peers.

Most wealth management firms are looking to deliver a best-in-class client experience and rely on Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a barometer of performance. Knowing this, we built a program that allows providers to track their performance against its peer set.

WealthMark™ was developed in response to industry demands for high quality benchmarking data on the top providers of wealth management services. With over 20 years of research experience in the High Net Worth (HNW) segment, we have built trusted relationships with some of the top providers of wealth management services.

After discussions with our client partners in the industry, the need for a holistic approach to assess performance became clear.

  • In 2021, WealthMark™ was launched to provide NPS and other core C/X metrics that are of interest to providers of wealth management providers across all asset classes.
  • Since then, we have spoken to 12,000 High Net Worth Individuals, making us the industry’s leading provider on the insights wealth professionals need to grow and retain their client base.
  • Our annual benchmarking study provides quality results to a wide variety of wealth providers looking to understand how they compare to their peers and view performance trends over time.
  • In addition to our annual study, WealthMark™ provides thought leadership on topics relevant to High-Net-Worth Individuals and insights critical to the evolving needs of clients.
  • WealthMark™ is intended to empower wealth management professionals with valuable benchmarking metrics that allow them to stay competitive, relevant, and responsive to the needs of their clients.

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Industry Need for Industry Benchmarking – Internal + External

With extensive research experience in the HNW segment, we know the value custom research provides our clients. We also understand that custom research lacks full visibility on performance compared to key competitors. We created WealthMark™ to provide a solution for wealth providers who desire a full perspective on their performance to enhance their client experience and inform strategic planning for their business.

WealthMark™ is a secondary research study that is designed and executed in a manner that is useful to a wide variety of wealth management providers, including wealth and asset management firms, brokerage firms and large/mid-sized banks.

WealthMark™ is intended to equip professionals in the wealth industry with the insights needed to deliver an exceptional client experience.

Through WealthMark™, professionals in the wealth management industry will:

  • Gain perspective on today’s competitive landscape and where they stand among peers in the industry by assessing performance based on accurate, quality data they can trust.
  • Enhance client satisfaction and retention by identifying areas for improvement and optimizing client services.
  • Win a competitive advantage from knowing market trends and emerging opportunities ahead of industry peers.
  • Inform strategic planning and business decisions leading to sustained growth and success for their business.

Insights on Annual Benchmarks

WealthMark™ provides valuable insights on essential performance indicators for wealth providers assessing their competitive position within the industry.


Benchmarks Include:

  • Net Promoter Score®
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Client Loyalty
  • Primary Contact Performance
  • Relationship Disruptors
  • Above the Mark – Indicates top performers within each provider type

Thought Leadership Content

In addition to the annual benchmarking report, each quarter we report on new topics that are front of mind for wealth management providers and their clients. We deliver thought leadership in areas that are critical and relevant to the high net worth segment and provide insights on the evolving needs of clients. Findings from these reports are used to help optimize client offerings and adapt strategy when changes in the market occur. We keep a pulse on the industry, focusing on the areas critical to wealth providers and their business, ensuring they stay informed while remaining focused on their clients.

Topics covered include the use of cryptocurrency, switching behavior, reaction to high market volatility, generational wealth transfer and understanding the needs of high-net-worth women.

High Quality Respondents and Data is Imperative

Ensuring high quality data is our top priority. We employ several quality checks to ensure the data provides a solid benchmarking solution and respondents meet all necessary qualifications through our meticulous two-tiered respondent review process. Respondents are screened for qualifying criteria and must have at least one Wealth Management or Private Banking service with an institution that serves HNW individuals.

We invest in a robust number of participants each quarter to provide benchmarking data on many top providers nationwide. Data is not provided for any individual provider that does not meet our required minimum base size.

A key element of the WealthMark™ program is total transparency – we will inform subscribers about what data is available by provider type and individual provider prior to purchase.

For more information on WealthMark™ contact us at wealthmark@schmidtmr.com.